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Successful SAP implementation in public sector

What are the three most important factors to ensure a successful implementation of SAP in the public sector?

The three most critical factors leading to a successful implementation are: 1. Executive Leadership; 2. Avoiding "Scope Creep;" and 3. Intense user training.

First off, it is important for leaders to guide their organizations from the start of a project to ensure buy-in for the initiative. Strong leadership helps employees transition through changes in their jobs and responsibilities that may result from the implementation of SAP solutions.

Secondly, it is important to avoid "Scope Creep" -or adding additional functions along the way that exceed the original scope of the project. Often organizations bite off more than they can chew on a project, causing implementation problems.

Finally, training is a critical component of the success of both the implementation and long-term use of SAP e-business solutions. Too often user training is shortened to make deadlines. This causes difficulties when the project goes live because employees don't know how to utilize the solutions effectively or handle the volume of work. Ensuring that users are well-trained leads to the overall success of the implementation of SAP e-business solutions.

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