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Strategy for pursuing SAP FI/CO

I'm a CA from India with 2 years of functional experience in a services-based outsourcing company. I want to pursue SAP FI/CO 4.6C. Kindly advise as to whether it is a good option considering the current economic slowdown, and what other training programs should I look out for. I have no prior SAP experience and I am really interested in moving towards being a functional consultant.
I just answered another question in detail about FI/CO. If you read that, you'll see that I think FI/CO is one of the most promising areas of SAP right now – especially when combined with SEM skills. As for 4.6C, why not skip that and go for certification with 4.7 Enterprise? If you're trying to break into SAP at this point, you need to adopt a forward-thinking strategy. Try to gain skills in the "latest and greatest" if at all possible – otherwise you will be trailing from behind as a "junior consultant." But if you can get skills in a new area (or version) of SAP, you might be able to stand out from the pack, even amongst senior SAP consultants.
This was last published in August 2003

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