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Steps for a smooth middle-of-the-year go-live

We are planning to go-live on April 1st for our US Payroll (4.6C). What are the steps & procedures we have to follow for smooth middle of the year go-live? Any help you can give is great.

I have been through three mid-year go-lives now and I'll give you my take on the steps we needed to confirm. The most important thing is to make sure that the clusters are properly filled using tables (US specific) T528C, T528B, and T5U8B. The ULK9 schema will need to be run to test those values. I also suggest making sure that the developers have a quick and easy way to refresh cluster data when needed as you will probably go through this several times before getting the loads perfected.

Unfortunately, I have never been responsible for the purely functional side of payroll so I cannot tell you if there are any special steps to be completed in that area.

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