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Stay more marketable as an ABAP programmer by finding functional skills in SAP

Describes how to stay more marketable as an ABAP programmer by finding skills on the functional side of SAP.

Hi Jon,

I am an ABAP-er with eight to nine years of experience. I am now concentrating on workflow, working on an SRM-EBP/workflow project. Since there are lots of new technologies in SAP, what do you advise for my long-term future? Should I learn the functional side of SRM/EBP?

I like the SRM/EBP area a lot, and see it as one of continued growth. There's a nice balance between bread-and-butter skills (e-procurement) and cutting edge Web-based skills like building and customizing electronic marketplaces and vendor-managed inventory networks. I would agree that becoming more functional in the SRM/EBP area could be a nice way of expanding on your skills. One great way to stay more marketable as an ABAP programmer is to find a functional part of SAP that you have some knowledge of and push a little further into it. I don't think it has to be SRM, but since you have some of that background, I do think it's worth pursuing.

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