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Starting with SAP HR payroll configuration

Can you help me start with SAP HR payroll configuration? I'm a newbie in this field and don't understand where to start. I have taken a course in SAP HR and don't possess any technical background.
I urge you to ask friends, colleagues, former schoolmates, family members and other individuals in your personal network to help you locate a firm that uses the SAP HR module in its business, and then you should seek an entry-level position where you can learn more by doing and getting experience, now that you've made it through the first class. Longer term, there is a mySAP Human Resources solutions consultant credential toward which you might begin to work as you get more on-the-job learning and experience under your belt.

But getting to work with the tools on the job should be your first and foremost priority, for the time being.

HTH, and thanks for posting,

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