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Starting in SAP support vs. implementation

Is it aiming too high for a new graduate to try for implementation positions, or is support a better starting point? Jon Reed weighs in.

I am a postgraduate student in SCM with a BE in Mechanical Eng. I have worked in channel sales for 1.5 years. Now I am doing SAP certification in SD Module in mySAP. I want your views on my first job. Should I opt for a starting job in some support team or go for implementation assignments?
You ask a very good question. I always believe you should start your job search by aiming high. It's not common to be able to get an implementation assignment if all you have is certification. But it sure doesn't hurt to try! Especially with the SAP consulting market in a growth phase, I would go ahead and apply to the "dream implementation position."

But if you have trouble landing that kind of position, then you are correct that some kind of support or help desk role would be the "next best" option -- it's more senior than a user role and puts you in a position to move into an implementation role over time.

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