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Speeding up slow HR app with JCo or .NET connector

A long time ago someone at my company wrote a small HR application for a client in VB6 using the RFC SDK (45A/WinNT). Functionally speaking the app works fine, but it is very slow. The slowness seems to be associated with the BAPI controls. I have been asked to look into ways to speed up the response time associated with invoking the BAPIs. As such, would you recommend upgrading/using the JCo or the .NET connector?

Additionally, my company is not a client of, or a partner of SAP. Where can I obtain a copy of these connectors other than http://service.sap.com/connectors?
Most likely the performance issues arise from either the called BAPI(s) being slow themselves (not much you can do about that other than complain to SAP) or bad client code on the VB side (including not using the BAPI's parameters in a way suitable for good performance). The BAPI OCX does add a little bit of overhead, but that is not relevant unless the application is not a single-user desktop application (i.e., runs as part of an IIS app or something similar). In the latter case, using the .NET Connector or JCo would speed up things considerably. In the former, review you client app and test the BAPIs inside SAP (SE37) to find out where the problem lies. The SAP connectors are only available from the URL you quote, so you should ask your customer to let you test on their site.

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