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Spacing issue with conversion of OTF file to ASCII

I am developing an Invoice using Smartforms. The business requirements says we must be able to print the document from SAP or send a data file to our print shop for printing. My approach has been to control the format of the invoice from one Smartform. I either create a spool file for printing or I create an OTF file for the printshop. The OTF file is created by setting the GETOTF flag to 'X' in my smartform. Once I create my OTF file, I then convert it to ASCII text using function CONVERT_OTF. I then take the ASCII text and create an IDOC that gets transferred to the print shop. The intent is that the print shop will not need any formatting logic. My problem is: when I convert the OTF file to ASCII, the fields on my invoice are no longer spaced properly. I am using 8pt, 10pt, and 12pt fonts on my invoice. Is it possible to take the OTF file and convert it to ASCII and keep the format integrity?

One solution would be to redevelop your invoice using only non-proportional fonts.

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