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Solving PERNR data transfer issues with SAP PU12 toolbox

An SAP user is having difficulty with PERNR iDoc while transporting data from SAP to an external system.

We are having an issue when transporting time wage data from SAP to an external system (ADP) using PU12 toolbox. For some PERNR, it is creating multiple IDocs instead of one. NOTE: This is not happening for all PERNR, only some.

How do I fix this so that only one IDoc is created for the PERNR?

I'm not sure I can help. You need to investigate where the trigger for SAP IDoc creation is. Is the trigger ignited multiple times or is there one trigger and the IDoc creation creates multiple records? Are the IDocs identical or are they different in some key values? Maybe validity period of the PERNR record is different between the seemingly multiple IDocs?

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