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Smooth BEx queries

If you are running into mandatory fields that alter your original queries with SAP BEx, read this expert response by Sam Gassem.

I have an FI_AR query "Accounts Receivables - Document Currency (ZFIAR_C03_Q0002_DC)". It gives an overview of all open items for all customers of a sales office. The filters defined in this query are: Sales Office, Sold-To and Sales AR Responsible.

I also have an FI_AR line items query "Accounts Receivables Line Items - Document Currency (ZFIAR_O03_Q0001_DC)". It shows a detail of the line items of the selected customer. The filters defined in this query are: Key due date, Posting key date, Sales office, Sold-To & Sales AR responsible.

When I want to jump from the overview report to the line items report, I get a pop-up box where I need to enter the "Key due date" and the "Posting key date". We don't need this pop-up box, because the receiver query needs to use the same selections of the sender query; otherwise, the user could change the dates and get an incorrect query result.

How can I solve this problem?

You must have those fields set as mandatory. If you make them optional, you should be fine.

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