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Smart Forms output -- achieving page protection

The Smart Forms output I am working on has two lines for each item in the MAIN window. We want to make sure the two lines always print together and do not have an orphaned description on the next page. Is there something I can do to ensure that the second line will not be orphaned?
Typically, you would achieve page protection within a Smart Form by setting the page protect flag in the output options tab of a text node or in a folder containing several text nodes. You also can set this property within a paragraph format. Depending on your current release, the page protect flag option may be unavailable (grayed out) when inside a table. If this is the case, you will notice that within a table there is also a 'No page break' flag. This flag only seems to work within an individual cell, but you might still be able to use it. Try the following: Put the second line into the same cell/node as the line above it and set the 'No page break' flag on the line type associated with this combined double-high cell. If the two existing lines are of different lengths additional tweaking may be involved (e.g. combining two adjacent cells plus the one below into a single cell). See also Note 382366 in the SAP Service Marketplace (http://service.sap.com).

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