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Smart Forms not working for a particular material number

Learn how to debug an output issue if a Smart Form is not displaying output in a tip from SAPscript and Smart Forms expert Mark Smithson.

I am selecting data from a database table to put into a Smart Form. I am using "where" conditions to select data in an internal table in program lines node, and output that internal table-fields in text node through a loop.
Every so often we encounter an output issue which is best solved by form debugging. Your issue falls in this category.

I recommend that you set a temporary break-point in the program line node you mentioned. Run a "print preview" and see which values are there for these other materials.

Also, make sure that the internal table which you mentioned is visible throughout the entire form. In other words, it needs to be declared globally at the top of the form. As you probably know, an internal table declared within a program node cannot be accessed by other form nodes.

Finally, check that the values from the internal table are being passed out of the program node. It is easy to miss this step, especially when your screen resolution is such that only two program node parameters are visible at a time.

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