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Skills needed to manage a multiple training environment

I am involved in a large implementation of SAP 4.6c plus APO, BW, CRM and Workplace 2.11. I would like some advice...

on the typical roles associated with managing and setting up training environments for such a project. With only R/3 it was easy to set up a training system with multiple clients. Nowadays with the restriction of only one instance of the New Dimension Products being linked to a R/3 client, it has become far more complicated to manage a training environment. We are trying to determine what skill sets we need and what type of resources would be required to set up and manage multiple training environments. Your thought on the matter would be most appreciated.

Thanks for the question! Sounds like you have your work cut out for you. Let me tell you how we decided to train the end users with BW, and CRM. We explored and then determined it was not cost effective to try to create either a closed training environment or connect the environments to the training systems. Instead, given our population was not large, we decided to make the end users part of the integration testing. They sat down with our Integration team, were walked through the system and were tasked with writing and executing secnarios and tests. It worked fabulously and we were able to test with more realistic scenarios and our Go-Live went smoothly and our help desks calls only increased a few percentage points. The end users also put together standardized training handbooks to be kept at their desks and to be used for OJT for new associates. For CRM, we did the same although we actually used two systems - we created some data in the training system and then had them work in the test system to complete it. It took some coordination to make it all look the same, but once we had the guidelines set up we were fine.

For APO, it's a little harder. At a previous client we loaded the table of APO data in the Test client (where APO was actively being used) and transported it to the Training System. It was hokey in that we had to keep executing the same dates and etc., over and over again, but it worked. We also ensure that there were sufficient power users trained with the Integration team that could work with the team after Go-Live to smooth out any gaps in learning. The documentation was also very top notch.

As for Workplace, you should be able to use your training systems. The way to get around the client copy issue, is you need to have your Basis team reset the RFC destination for the delivery clients to be pointed to the client in which you created the Docs. For example, if you create and fill you Inboxes in client 10 and then copy it to 20 for your training class you need the RFC desintations repointed to client 10 in client 20. Remember you need to set up your communication IDs for the employees you hire so that they can use the SAP Inbox for things like expense reports. When you set up release strategies, you'll have to set up the Training System to have your Student IDs and Instructor IDs as the approvers to be able to log into Workplace and see the docs to be approved/rejected/etc.

This was last published in May 2002

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