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Sizing servers for BW-SEM deployment

I'm DW architect in Enidata,Italy and I found the following problem in sizing servers for BW-SEM deployment. We have an add-on installation for SEM. In SAPNET I found docs to sizing BW and SEM separately, not to sizing a shared system. Can you help me?

Are you going to use one BW instance for both BW as a data warehouse as well as SEM Instance? Or installing one stand-alone BW-SEM Instance.

If sizing one single BW-SEM instance, then the principles behind sizing requirement for BW-SEM should be similar to that of a stand alone BW as a data warehouse. However, the actual data volume requirements (disk storage) will be much smaller than the BW as a data warehouse. The reason being that SEM will use a few InfoCubes for implement BSC. For BW-SEM instance, overall user requirements will be much lower since only a handful of users (senior and middle management) will use this system and not like hundreds to thousands of traditional data warehouse users.

If you are considering one BW instance for both BW and a data warehouse and SEM, then I would suggest is to size your BW instance as recommended but add in extra disk storage requirements for SEM. And then I recommend a separate dedicated application server against the same BW instance for SEM applications. This will reduce the SEM and traditional data warehouse end user data access problems.

I would also suggest to also taking a look at the ActiveAnswers page at the Compaq site (www.compaq.com/activeanswers). They have good sizing documents for BW on NT and Unix (Compaq) platforms. IBM also has published the BW benchmarks but I have not seen a detailed sizing documents thus far.

Sizing any data warehouse is a never-ending process since user needs keep on changing while data volumes keep on growing. So I would suggest getting hardware that is very scalable that will grow (# of processors, memory, controllers, storage topology, etc.) as your BW instance grows. I hope this helps!

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