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Single workflow for all levels of approval in EBP

Why do we have different approval workflows for different levels in EBP? Can't we have a single workflow for all levels of approval in EBP?

You're absolutely correct, there is no reason you cannot just use a single level workflow for all approvals that are required for your EBP Shopping Carts, GR or Invoices.

What I've come to experience from implementing EBP at various organizations is that when it comes to approvals (business document workflow) "One Size DOES NOT fit all". Most organizations have a mirad of financial and auditory requirements that mandate approvals from different individuals in the organizations prior to an Order being sent out or an invoice being paid.

It is one thing if someone is placing an order for a few binders and another if you're procuring a new Hydro Chemical machine for your plant floor. One costs $30 and another $300,000.

The good part about EBP is that it offers you the flexibility to select from a variety of workflow templates and select/activate the ones that are relevant for your organizations needs/requirements. You can choose to implement just a single level workflow or multiple level ones. Certain aspects of your organization might need you to implement not just a simple hierarchical level workflow but also possibly a financial spending limit based workflow, or a certain department like engineering might want to utilize a Budget based workflow where each engineer might have a certain budget for spending. Regardless, again the point being that when it comes to workflow/approvals "ONE SIZE DOES NOT FIT ALL".

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