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Sick days for employees with infrequent work schedules

Our company has a few employees who work infrequent days. They are set up on a work schedule that put them as OFF for every day of the year. When they work an entry is made on I/T 2002. In October the we had 6 days sickness absence. Input made into I/T 2003 represents the days the employee should have worked, (being 15-19th October), and input into IT 2001 represents the employees first and last days of sickness, (being 15-20th Oct). The employee is on a 7 day QDP. When processing through the payroll, 3 days SSP totaling 26.66GBP should be paid, however the employee is being excluded from receiving SSP with reason SN, being that the employee has not started work. Is there any way around this?

Unfortunately, we had to set the same thing up for one of our clients and that was the only way to go.

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