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Should we rebuild the ESS/MSS interface, or stick with SAP?

Are you considering rebuilding the ESS/MSS interface instead of sticking with SAP? Learn what site expert Joshua Greenbaum has to say to a reader who is in this position.


We are currently using SAP HR 4.6C on EP 5.0. Our organization is thinking about building the ESS/MSS interface from scratch, on a different platform like Weblogic or Websphere, without going through SAP EP.

At initial evaluation, we felt that it is very technically challenging to achieve the above. However, we'd appreciate some advice coming from an expert.

You don't say why you want to do this, so I can only surmise that you must love a challenge -- or you are looking for some employment security.

In general it's always easier to go with what your primary vendor – in this case SAP – is offering, if for no other reason than when things go wrong, you have only one "throat to choke." Unless there is a truly compelling business case for doing this, the technology case is hard, if not impossible, to justify.

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We did not change the ESS/MSS interface but only did a few cosmetic changes. After Support Upgrade, we still ran into some issue so I would recommend going with the standard interface