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Should we jump ship from PeopleSoft?

My company is using PeopleSoft. Should I be considering new providers? The mergers have management on edge.
Existing customers should first remind the team that their solution decision was a wise one – as evidenced by the acquisition desire of the various players. PeopleSoft believes that J.D. Edwards offers best-in-class and accretive solutions, and Oracle, despite posturing to the contrary initially, needs elements of the PeopleSoft technology and solution set to complete its portfolio.

It is likely that within the acquisition time frame, the team would have migrated to a new platform from the same vendor anyway – and the vendors involved will likely work to ensure that acquisition-induced migrations are no more painful. If transitions are forced by an arrogant provider, something that PeopleSoft and JD Edwards have already proven is not true by recent integration and product announcements – the team can vote permanently with their wallets and move to another vendor – who will likely provide incentives, tools and services to make this transition as painless and economical as possible. These transitions can also work in the buyer's favor as it promises to deliver a more robust solution set, opens the door for renegotiation of licensing, support/maintenance contracts, and migration incentives/protection.

The bottom line: Don't panic.
Stay the course until the dust settles – which will likely take a year or more to play out.
This was last published in November 2003

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