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Should my client implement IC WinClient or IC WebClient for mySAP CRM?

Choosing between IC WinClient and IC WebClient? Learn pros and cons for each in this expert tip by CRM expert Srini Katta.

I have a question regarding the interaction center (IC) component of mySAP CRM. Should clients implement both WinClient and WebClient for the IC or only one of them? Could you please explain this with supporting reasons?
Technically you can run both IC WinClient and WebClient. But it doesn't make any business sense to have both. Below are some pros and cons for each.

a) IC WinClient is a Windows-based GUI and it is not as user friendly as IC WebClient, which is browser-based and zero foot print client.
b) IC WinClient is more suited to an IT environment where users are already familiar with the SAPGUI interface. IC WebClient is easy to use as agents already familiar with the browser interface.
c) The e-mail in IC WinClient works on the SAPCONNECT interface, whereas IC WebClient works on the ICI interface.
d) The IC WinClient user interface is not easy to enhance as it uses an ABAP-based 7 slot technologies. The look and feel is easily enhanced in IC WebClient as the interface is based on a BSP application.
e) IC WinClient is a more mature product and IC WebClient is an evolving product. IC WebClient doesn't provide the full-blown functionality available on IC WinClient.
f) The simplified version called service ticket is only available on IC WebClient.

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