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Should a manufacturing expert pursue SAP PP or SAP SCM (APO)?

Find out whether SAP PP and SAP SCM (APO) are solid SAP career choices for someone with experience in manufacturing, and whether SAP classes are necessary.

I have 12 years of experience in manufacturing. Do you think SAP Production Planning (PP) could be a good career choice for me? What is SAP Process Integration (PI) and SAP xApp Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence (xMII)? Are these related? If I learn SAP PP, will it help to learn xMII? Some people say xMII practice on the computer is not possible, as it is with other SAP modules. What's your advice?
With 12 years in manufacturing, SAP PP or even SAP Supply Chain Management (SCM)/ SAP Advanced Planner and Optimizer (SAP APO) might be interesting moves. Since these are areas in which technology meets business expertise, you can quickly pick up the necessary special skills in a course. I suggest starting with PP and moving into SCM/APO afterwards.

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Hi, i'm a BE mechanical engineering graduate with 4 years of experience in PPC, now i have joined to sap pp module, will this a good move, will i get jobs in sap pp. pl. explain