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Should a Business Objects analyst make a career transition to SAP BI?

Should a Business Objects-certified analyst transition to SAP BI? Read an expert's take on the SAP BI job market for those certified in Business Objects.

I'm working as a business analyst in a tier 1 Indian IT company and am currently in the U.K. for an assignment. I have around four years of data warehouse experience and I'm Business Objects-certified with fundamental knowledge in Informatica.

I am looking into transitioning to SAP business intelligence (BI) and I am planning to do training and certification...

from SAP Labs India. Though it will cost me a lot, I am willing to pay for it. My question is whether it will be wise to do this training, keeping in mind my data warehouse and Business Objects experience? Since I don't have SAP experience (though Business Objects is an SAP company now), will companies consider me for SAP projects? And how is the job market for SAP BI professionals?

I think you have the right experience and I think it would be a good idea to launch your career in SAP BI. SAP in general and BI in particular is a good job market and it is expected to remain the same or even improve. Finding the first job may not be easy. It might take time, but it will be a wise decision.

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