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Should I take training in SD, BW or APO?

Call me 'living in a cave'. I have been working with R/2 (Sales and Distribution module) for past 3 years and is now getting an opportunity to get training for either R/3 SD module, BW or APO. Which one I should go for? I have 7 years on non-SAP consultancy experience and for past 3 years I have been deeply involved in Pricing and CPG related configuration. I am pretty comfortable with ABAP, Java and SD on the functional side.

Wow... An R/2 consultant, a rare breed these days! We got a couple of R/2 jobs last quarter, and I had to rub my eyes to make sure I wasn't seeing things. I had forgotten all the module abbreviations, like RF, RK, etc. But I'm glad to hear that you're getting some training opportunities in R/3 and beyond. I wouldn't want to be the last R/2 consultant left standing - although there should be some kind of award given to whoever pulls that off! In terms of your training options, it's a tough call. On the one hand, I like the idea of SD training in R/3, because it would build on your previous R/2 SD exposure. But since you have a good technical background as well, I like the idea of BW exposure a little better. The reason I like BW so much is because it straddles the technical and functional areas of SAP. Because BW is tied into so many different SAP modules and mySAP products, a BW focus allows you to specialize without committing to one niche. At this point, while you're updating your overall skills, it's good not to commit to one area too soon.

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