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Should I take a general IT audit position or stay with SAP?

Learn the options for an SAP Basis professional who is considering a position as an IT audit consultant with a big audit firm. SAP career and certification guru Jon Reed advises him on his career route.

Hi Jon,

First of all, great site and great advice!

I have close to five years of SAP experience, mostly on SAP Basis and with a recent focus on authorization implementation. I also did one full SAP business workflow implementation. Furthermore, I'm the project manager's understudy.

I recently applied for a position as IT audit consultant at one of the big four audit firms, where I'll be exposed to a range of IT platforms, including but not limited to SAP.

My question: Would that be a wise career change? Or should I stay in my current stream and migrate to project management in about two years' time?

It sounds like you've been presented with an interesting opportunity. I don't really know enough about your options and your background to give you definitive advice on what you should do. I will say this: I personally think that if you're going to be a hands-on consultant, there are advantages to staying in SAP. I've never been a fan of the "IT generalist." I think your IT career prospects are better, in general, if you have more of a focus on a particular product or environment.

I kind of like your current situation as a hands-on SAP person in position to become more and more of a project manager. I can't really see a problem with that career path, so I'd recommend sticking with it unless you are finding that it's no longer rewarding. In that case, I would agree with applying for other types of positions -- but only if they are positions in a field you know you are going to be happy in for the next phase of your career.

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