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Should I move beyond SAP security as my one career niche?

I have been working in SAP security for the past four years. I am now a senior SAP security specialist. Before moving into SAP security I worked as an SAP FI consultant for two years.

Now, with over six years of SAP experience, I am quite comfortable with SAP security -- but somehow I feel its a very small area compared to SAP Basis. I am willing to move into Basis, since I strongly feel that I should be looking beyond SAP security. What do you think?

I actually like SAP security as a niche. Security remains a key part of SAP technical project management. I think it's a decent technical niche and I'd be careful about moving too far away from it. Having said that, it does seem you need some fresh challenges. Maybe you can pursue team lead roles, or move into BW security as well, or perhaps study the nature of security in the latest "mySAP ERP" versions of SAP.

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