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Should I jump onto the SAP Portals bandwagon?

I have been into SAP Implementations for the last 3 years and then had an e-stint into ecommerce for a year. I was into Enterprise Portals content development. I found it exciting and new with configuration and customization.

Now I am back to hardcore SAP Implementation.

I was wondering if you could tell me which of both worlds to choose: SAP Implementation or SAP Portals / SAP Markets / Commerce one etc.?

There's no question that the SAP Portals solution is central to SAP's future technology vision. In future installments of this monthly Q and A, we'll get into different kinds of consulting opportunities relating to SAP Portals and why this area is so important. If you can find a way to take advantage of that non-SAP Portal experience, along with your SAP background, and break into SAP Portals implementation work, that would be the best possible scenario for you. If you pull that off, you will have integrated both aspects of your skills. Instead of standard implementation work, which is becoming more of a commodity, you'll be on the forefront of all the "mindshare" SAP is investing in its Portal infrastructure. The problem, of course, is that you're a bit ahead of the game. There's not many SAP Portal implementations looking for consultants at the moment. Over time, that will change. I doubt that your previous non-SAP portal experience will be enough to land you an SAP Portal project as an independent consultant. Your best bet is to gradually work your way onto an SAP Portal project "from the inside," drawing on your current skills. Just try to be "near" the Portal part of the project. Even if your responsibilities lie elsewhere, just being near the work gives you the chance to network and check out what's going on. Since you have that portal experience under your belt, there is the chance you could get "pulled under the hood" to help out on the SAP Portal side. Once that happens, you're off and running. In the meantime, of course, just keep going with your current implementation skills, but be ready to pounce when you see a company moving in a direction that compliments your portals skills.

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