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Should I jump into SAP SD or CRM?

I have six years experience in sales and distribution in the computer hardware industry and have been working as a technical consultant (Java/J2EE) for the past five years. I attended SAP ABAP/4 training at a private institute in India in 1999 for six months. I moved to Java eventually because of the downturn in SAP market in 1999. My qualifications are a BS in Electronics and Communication engineering and an MBA (Marketing Management). I am interested in getting a break as a SAP Functional Consultant. I would like to go for SAP training. Could you please suggest a suitable SAP functional module for training?

You basically answered your own question. When you choose which area of SAP to pursue, you need to "map it" into your area of greatest experience. In this case, you want to pursue functional SAP work, so, with your six years of sales and distribution experience, SD module training is an obvious choice for you. Plus, you have an MBA in marketing to reinforce those hands-on SD skills. Your only tough call is whether to pursue SD or jump right into SAP CRM. I'd be tempted to pursue CRM, because of the sophisticated marketing functionality there. It's up to you, there is still more work in SD, and in CRM, the hot stuff is not so much the marketing functionality, but I think that's on the horizon, and it would play to your strengths. I would be open to both options and see where the market takes you. For training in SD or CRM, I'd try to get training in both if at all possible so you'll have the most options.

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