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Should I integrate SAP Predictive Analytics with Lumira?

SAP Predictive Analytics extends SAP Lumira with the efficient handling of voluminous data that the in-memory platform SAP HANA processes.

Companies that want to forecast future events and make more informed business decisions turn to predictive analytics...

to sift through the enormous amounts of consumer and business data at their disposal. Predictive analytics enables companies to extensively evaluate consumer purchasing patterns and predict what a customer will buy next and even when he will buy it. One product intended to help with this and to extend the visualization capabilities of SAP Lumira is SAP Predictive Analytics. Here, we'll focus on Expert Analytics, one-half of the statistical analysis and data mining software's toolset.

Before delving into how Expert Analytics integrates with SAP HANA and Lumira, let's first look at how Expert Analytics fits into the analytics scheme of things from the SAP side. SAP often combines existing and newer tools and functionality, and its analytics range is no different. SAP Predictive Analytics 2.0 is an analytics solution that combines into a single installation InfiniteInsight -- which provided automatic capabilities for business users and is now Automated Analytics -- and Predictive Analysis -- which targeted advanced users such as business analysts and data scientists and is now Expert Analytics.

SAP Expert Analytics includes newer predictive models and tools that are powered by SAP-provided predictive algorithms and that also support open-source algorithms. Expert Analytics offers what SAP Lumira already offered, such as data acquisition, manipulation and visualization options that didn’t require fast data processing speed. It also efficiently handles voluminous data that only an in-memory solution like HANA can efficiently handle.

Expert Analytics operates in two modes: online with data on SAP HANA or offline with downloaded data. Data residing in the local machine rely on the processing power of that machine, but with HANA online mode, the data visualization capability of Expert Analytics drastically increases. Expert Analytics can access data from disparate databases and even facilitate uploading data from Excel or flat files.

Expert Analytics offers extended capabilities of SAP Lumira and consists of the following five data tabs:

  • The Prepare tab consists of all the SAP Lumira data manipulation features.
  • The Predict tab features all of the predictive tools such as data preparation, data modeling and data writer.
  • The Visualize tab holds all the visualization functionality.
  • The Compose tab lets the business user and business analyst create visual dashboards and infographics.
  • The Share tab enables business users to share the dashboards and infographics with relevant stakeholders such as decision makers and management.

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