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Should I choose HANA Enterprise Cloud over HANA on premises?

HANA offers a lightning-speed in-memory database and the potential to solve numerous business problems. Here's why you may want those capabilities via SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud.

As with HANA on premises, businesses considering a move to HANA Enterprise Cloud stand to gain a lightning-fast in-memory database and many more capabilities to meet business challenges. HANA Enterprise Cloud, however, may offer some distinct advantages for some enterprises, as compared with on-premises HANA.

Companies that have already invested significantly in hardware, storage, and infrastructure will take longer to transition to the SAP HANA on-premises offering to save costs and reduce business risks. But companies willing to consider SAP HANA cloud as their platform as a service don't need to wait that long to realize business benefits. Here are four reasons you might want to consider a move to the HANA cloud:

  • Cost. Hosting HANA Enterprise Cloud versus HANA on premises means companies do not have to maintain the entire infrastructure, which translates to cost savings. Moreover, with the data processing and compression capabilities of HANA Enterprise Cloud, the hardware and storage required is also minimal. Lower software licensing costs also remains a compelling reason to opt for the cloud.
  • Benefit. HANA Enterprise Cloud offers a far easier, quicker and cheaper means of scalability, should the need for more storage arise. The data footprint is also greatly reduced. A move to the cloud may also obviate a need for Business Warehouse and its data repository for creating meaningful analytics.
  • Flexibility. Enterprise Cloud is also an ideal platform to test and deploy custom-developed apps, programs and interfaces as a means of bringing immediate business improvements.
  • Controllable risk. Migrating to HANA Enterprise Cloud does require a concerted approach to critically evaluate the positive impact on business. However, if effectively monitored and controlled, the risks of transitioning to HANA Enterprise Cloud can be minimized.

Although it's difficult to quantify all the benefits at this early stage, HANA Enterprise Cloud has the potential to bring significant productivity improvements, such as faster business transactions, instant availability of reports, and new functionality and tools that are native to SAP HANA only.

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