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Should I become an SAP trainer?

I joined IBM South Africa as a junior consultant six months ago. Currently I am on an asset and finance leasing project where IBM forms part of a consortium with SAP and others. I did an SAP overview course and have hands-on experience on the project, but other than that I have no SAP experience.

I am very interested in a career in SAP training and would like to know if it is possible is for me to get involved in this, as well as what certification(s) will be necessary, and where to start. I'd like to do this even if it means doing SAP training in Germany.

Disclaimer: The bulk of my SAP employment knowledge pertains to the SAP job market in the US. I find that the dynamics of SAP consulting abroad are similar, but there are region-by-region variations as well. As far as I understand, South Africa seems to have a pretty robust SAP market, so I don't know that you need to move to Germany to get training or an SAP opportunity.

The one thing I would caution you against is becoming an SAP trainer. The SAP end-user training market is pretty sluggish, and the rates are low. I would recommend going for the more ambitious goal of becoming a full-fledged SAP consultant. You will find it a more challenging and better paying career path, and if you really like training, many SAP consultants do spend time on their projects training team members. And you can work in some short-term training sessions in between your longer implementation engagements. As for how to become an SAP consultant, that's a good question that I answer frequently in this column, so stay tuned!

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