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Should I become a Basis or Logistics expert?

I started my SAP R/3 career a little over a year ago, initially as an MM project member and now as a security coordinator. On considering which way to go now I was wondering if you could tell me which of both worlds to choose: Security (=> basis) or MM (=> logistics)?

MM and security are two very different career paths. One is not necessarily "hotter" than the other. Since you can't succeed at work you don't like, I'd say go in the direction that you find more compelling. But before you "follow your bliss," consider your overall background. If you have a deep background in IT security issues, then you'd be crazy not to try to leverage that background by choosing SAP security over MM. On other hand, if you have a manufacturing background, then it would be a good move to try to get back into MM work, which is a logical extension of classic MRP/manufacturing skills. The sluggish economy has created a challenging market - this is not the time to make major skills transitions if you can build on what you already have. Years of relevant experience plus new, cutting edge skills is the combination you want.

Since you're currently working on the security side of SAP, you might be better off sticking with that. In SAP, once you haven't worked on something for three months or so, it's almost like it doesn't count anymore. You might find it difficult to revive your MM work at this point. The good news is that security issues are going to be critical for companies going forward. Obviously, companies are looking to do more and more business over the Internet, and secure transactions and protection from hackers are major considerations. SAP is stepping right into these issues and pushing its secure e-business platform heavily. The threat of terrorism is also driving security investments. These factors are creating career opportunities in IT security for folks like yourself.

If you do decide to go in the MM direction - which you should do only if it plays to major strengths in your background - then consider pursuing exposure to the mySAP APO solution instead of traditional MM. MM is rapidly giving way to APO in terms of cutting edge supply chain and logistics work. Supply chain product extensions are coming out all the time within the mySAP application framework, and that's where you want to be if you're an MM/manufacturing person.

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