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Shifting my career to SAP HR

With over 8 years of functional experience in HR, I am thinking of shifting my career to SAP HR and would like to pursue the the course and get certified as well. In regard to this, I would request you to kindly let me know the career options for SAP HR guys, the future of SAP HR and if this is going to be a right step for me to take leaving a lucrative job as a HR manager with a good IT company in India. I will *never* go on the record as recommending that someone leave a lucrative position in a good company for the unknown world of SAP consulting. So, if you're asking for my endorsement there, I can't give it to you. I do like what SAP is doing to round out their HR module and the HR functionality SAP provides is getting richer and deeper with each release. And, more importantly, it's getting more strategic, with functions like workforce planning and succession management. There are a bunch of SAP HR courses you could take, but I can't say which one is the best for you. I like the future of SAP HR, but it's not clear to me whether it warrants leaving your company in dramatic fashion. I would get some SAP HR training in a cutting edge area (not payroll, but something like Employee Self-Service) and see if you get any appealing job offers. Do not leave your current position unless you have a job offer in hand. If I were you, I wouldn't leave unless I had several offers, which would represent solid proof your skills are in demand in the SAP world.

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