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Sharing transport directory between all instances

I have following question related to an SAP installation:
OS:- Sun Solaris 5.8
DB :- UDB Db2
SAP :- 4.7 WAS 620

We are planning to install central instance (CI) and dialog instance (DI) on one host and the database instance (DBI) on another server. Due to security reasons our data center people only allow us to use "NFS" to mount the /usr/sap/trans from CI to DBI.

Is there any other way to mount /usr/sap/trans so that DBI can see it? Also, if we have another DI running on separate application server, how can we link /usr/sap/trans from CI? As in, during the Startup / Stopsap CI looks for DBI.

I do not understand why you cannot share the transport directory between all instances. It only contains SAP data and security settings can be applied in order to limit access to the SAP system administrator.

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