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Sharing JCo connection pool across different Web apps

According to the JCo API, a named pool manager can only exist once per JVM, writes expert Austin Sincock.

How do I share a JCo connection pool across different Web applications?

The JCo API states that a named pool manager can only exist once per JVM. This does not mean that you can't have multiple pool managers, only that when a pool manager is assigned a name on creation, this name must be unique among any other existing pool managers.

When deploying multiple Web applications, each must reside within is own session context in the application server. If not, then you are likely you get unauthorized sharing of resources between different applications that you did not intend.

In order to share a pool manager, you must use a classloader to load a class that creates the pool manager with the attributes you designate (name, size, etc.). How you create and configure this classloader depends on the Java application server being used. Unless the classloader is in a shared context, your individual Web applications will not be able to "se" it.

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