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Setting up, monitoring and developing in the IDoc environment

Is there an idiot's guide to setting up, monitoring and developing in the IDoc environment?

I get a file from the users with the info req. to create an IDoc. The files land on an FTP server. Do I need to be consistently scanning the FTP server to detect new files? How do you handle the scenario inadequate stock?
I may well presume you are much better than an idiot. I think "The R/3 Guide to EDI and interfaces" should help you further. See logosworld.com for a link and details.

Your FTP problem is on another level. What you need is a trigger that tells R/3 a new file arrived. With UNIX/LINUX you can define events when a file is created, the file system event may then trigger an SAP event with sapevt.exe. For Windows there are some tools that do the same job, e.g. Winston Kotzan's Turbo FileMon from wakproductions.com. If events are not possible you indeed need a polling mechanism.

What is inadequate stock? If stock quantities are improper then your Db is corrupt, so you need to clean up. If erroneous IDocs require inconsistent quantities, then the IDoc should be rejected or at least flagged as erroneous.

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