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Setting up a central user ID for confirmations

We implemented a change in SAP (our SAP version is Enterprise), which allows the user to send SAP documents via e-mail or fax. As a means of confirming success or failure for the e-mail or fax, we are trying to have a central user ID setup for returning confirmations. For example, when SAP prints billing documents nightly in batch mode, we have a unique ID that is authorized for the function and within the user ID profile, an e-mail address can be maintained for returning confirmations, when documents are sent through e-mail or fax. The only problem is that our basis group does not want the added cost of maintaining the user ID profile. Our other option is for customized programming approach to pass the recipient e-mail address. My question to you is, what is the best practice approach or method when the basis group deems a simple solution unacceptable?

I thought most business requirements were driven by the business, not by the basis team! The unacceptable solution you propose is one that is used in many companies. You could have a final program that runs each night, picks up appropriate spools and log files, and then e-mails them to the user who needs them.

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