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Setting up CoCo's for external employees

We have 3 EXTERNAL employees who work full-time on jobs for 2 of our companies with separate company codes (80%...

for company code A and 20% for company code B). We want to start using CATS to collect their hours spent on jobs for both CoCo's. The purpose is to allocate the costs (fixed hourly rate) in CO. First I need to set up HR personnel numbers for them. Can I have 1 personnel number for each external employee that they can use for reporting hours (CATS) on jobs of both CoCo A and CoCo B? I'm really confused how to tackle this situation. Especially I'm wondering which infotypes I need to set up (0001, 0007, 0315) AND how to define the organizational assignment? E.g. what should I use for personnel area, employee group, employee subgroup, payroll area etc. Please put me on the right path to start and shed some light on how to tackle this situation.

You will need to set up a structure for external EE's or you could potentially split the amount of time via the Cost Center split in Infotype 27.

This was last published in April 2002

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