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Setting printing formats with a Smart Form so that printing continues

I want two pages to print with the format of landscape and other two pages with portrait so the process continues. How can I do this?
It is possible to specify landscape or portrait orientation for an individual page in a Smart Form within its 'output options' tab. Please bear in mind that even if it prints on pages with different orientation your main window must always be the same width. The 'next page' (i.e. which page prints after a page is processed) is set under a page's 'general attributes' tab. If you want the pages to repeat in the same sequence, string them together here, linking the final page back to the first one to complete the circuit.

In SAPscript, pages can be linked together in a similar way. However, page orientation is set at the header for the entire form. To override this at the page level requires a more advanced technique. Here is a relevant quote from the SAP help portal:

"To set up the page orientation STN2 and HPL2 send either the print control 'SPORT' for portrait or 'SLAND' for landscape."

If this technique does not work, you may need to string together multiple SAPscript forms into a single output stream or redesign your output form ... or upgrade to a Smart Form!

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