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Sessions hanging when upgrading to v.4.6C on AIX

Currently we are in the process of upgrading to new version (4.6C) on the AIX platform. We have installed SAPGUI 6.20 on our Windows NT client machine. We are able to log into system, but we have a problem; In certain transactions, whenever we press the F4 Key (for list values), our NT session hangs. If we try to view the session thru Task Manager, it gives us the reponse 'Not responding'. But in SAP Session (SM04), it is showing up as being active. The only alternative available is end the task in NT. We have applied all the Patches available in SAP Download area to no avail. Can you help us identify the problem?

This problem sounds pretty odd. However, I have seen very similar situations when the client PC does not have enough resources and SAPGUI starts acting up. I recently have encountered similar issues in Windows XP using SAPGUI 6.10, for example. Is the NT client PC powerful enough to handle SAPGUI 6.20 with the new visual design? Are you using the new visual design (EnjoySAP) or the old SAPGUI "light" version? I would try switching to the light version and check the results. Use the "SAP Configuration" icon on the desktop or in Control Panel to switch from the new visual design to the light version. If this does not help you, check if you can add more RAM to the PC.

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