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Sending work items to approving office for PO release

Transaction SWETYPV and Start Conditions offer a means of sending work items after checking PO doc type and other conditions, says Alon Raskin.

I need to trigger a Workflow to send a work item to an approving office to release a PO. But before triggering the event I need to check the PO doc type to see if it fulfills certain conditions. Where can I do this check? Is any coding required?

There are two places to do this:

1. In transaction SWETYPV, you can enter a Check Function Module that decides whether to kick off the Workflow. The check function module is executed after the event is raised but before the workflow is executed. In that Check Function Module you can check the document type and if it does not need approval then all you need to do is raise an exception (any exception is fine). If an exception is raised then the Workflow is not triggered. Please note that the Check Function Module must adhere to a standard interface. Please see the Function Module SWE_TEMPLATE_CHECK_FB for more information.

2. The other alternative is to use Start Conditions (only available in recent versions of Workflow). Start Conditions allow you to specify logical conditions that must be satisfied before the Workflow is kicked off. This is approach is identical to approach 1 but does not require any coding. Start Conditions are specified in the Workflow Builder for each event specified as a triggering event.

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