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Sending tax info to Ceridian

I am writing to ask if other companies may have faced the same situation my client did for sending Tax Reporter...

information to Ceridian for processing the 2001 W2's. My client has employees in every state except one, as well as one Puerto Rican employee. I am curious as to how other companies may have handled the situation. Ceridian requires the W2 information to be in a specific (MMREF) format in one file so the W2 processing and print can be done. However, SAP outputs the information in multiple files. As well as different formats. I configured Tax Reporter to use SAP's generic MMREF format for the states who did not have that format. Then wrote a program to merge these files together with the federal file and add the additional fields that Ceridian needed for filing the tax information. Ceridian did finally accept the SAPScript file that is output from Tax Reporter for printing the W2's. Have you heard how other companies may have handled this? I'm always open to more efficient ways of doing things.

To be honest with you, the above process is almost the exact process we have utilized on other Ceridian implementations; therefore, I would recommend this.

This was last published in February 2002

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