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Segment E1EDL37 for shipping notification not filled

Currently we are using delvry03 to generate ASN (Automatic shipment notification). The shipment unit header (E1EDL37) has to be filled from my Z tables. Since this ASN is being generated at the time of Delivery creation. The segment E1EDL37 will not be filled up automatically. So I may need to fill the segment E1EDL37 with the help of provided customer exits. Since the segment E1EDL37 is not filled, we don't have any control over the segment e1edl37 to fill the data. Please provide me the help to resolve this issue.
I had a look at IDOC_OUTPUT_SHPMNT and see no reason why the segment should not have been added. It may be empty but the routine to create it should be called. The you can fill the data with customer exit '002'. The catch-all solution would be to build a wrapper function, e.g. Z_IDOC_OUTPUT_SHPMNT which in turn calls the original function IDOC_OUTPUT_SHPMNT. This will build your IDoc the traditional way. Then you can process the created IDoc data and manipulate your segments as desired.

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