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Security training plans?

I'm a self-taught Security Administrator and lead a team of four who handle all security needs for 15K+ users across...

all R/3 systems. We're currently running 4.6B will all modules installed. The BASIS team doesn't include our team in any planning decisions. I'm familiar with CUA but don't have it installed. I hear a lot about "Workplace" and "Enterprise" but know very little. I've heard we'll probably skip 4.6C and go directly to "Enterprise". Is there a "security training plan" out there for folks like me to prepare for the next step? How much lead time would you estimate I need?

I'll need more details than that. If your question is how to find out more information on CUA: I think your best bet is The Authorizations made Easy guide (4.6.A-B) which provides two chapters on setting up Central User Administration. You should also look into OSS notes: 333441 & 159885. If your question is of a philosophical nature... Requesting where do SAP security folks go from here... There isn't a very specific answer to that. I can tell you that security, privacy, and confidentiality issues will become the biggest and most difficult challenges ahead for most companies. Due to the integration of SAP and the vast amounts of sensitive information stored within SAP. I believe that the natural progression for all Security resources (regardless of application) is to move into a value and business enabling role in the company. These values can be achieved by providing user awareness, business process controls, and security marketing (for starters). Good luck, and keep the faith...

This was last published in March 2002

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