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Security forecast based on SAP GRC

WIth the advent of SAP GRC (Governance, Risk and Compliance,) jobs could be threatened due to automated processes. Our expert predicts security jobs will not only flourish, but also have potential to expand with this new software.

What will be the scope for the security segment in light of the new business unit SAP GRC (Governance, Risk and Compliance)? Will SAP GRC create a job market for us in the long term?
Security at the applications and process level are very much part of the GRC mandate -- particularly as they relate to compliance and governance. This is a red-hot area for everyone -- not just SAP and its customers -- and represents in my opinion the beginning of a lot of job opportunities for consultants and developers.

The reason is simple. Today much of what comes under a general GRC heading is either unautomated or poorly automated, and with both the exposure risk of non-compliance and the upside potential of doing a better job at GRC tasks, I predict customers will be spending heavily and willingly for solutions in this area for a long time to come.

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