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Security consultant wanting to make the move to SAP

I am a security consultant who has been working in the IT security arena for the last 6+ years. I am specialized in Network/System/Application security. I also have CISSP and CISA certifications. Now I would like to move into SAP security. I understand that basically, SAP security is about authentication and database security and with NetWeaver avatar, SAP becomes more of a Web application, which reminds me of my application security experience.

How can I become an SAP security architect? I don't have any previous SAP experience, but I am confident that I can do it well.

This is an interesting question. I guess you're right, with the NetWeaver developments, SAP security may become a bit more like the broader application security you are used to. But you're right, the traditional SAP security role has a lot to do with user authentication and authorization. In terms of breaking into SAP security, the best approach is to get a security-related position on a large SAP project utilizing your current skills. Even if your initial role is not focused on SAP security, as you get more comfortable and establish yourself within an SAP shop, I'll bet you'll see the opportunities to move into SAP security unfold. You might also benefit from a training course in that area, with the disclaimer that it is more of a long-term investment than a guarantee you will quickly land an SAP security job.

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