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Screen scraping tools

Mr. Schuessler, at SMUD in Sacramento with version 1.2 of CCS we have recently put up a VB application for our...

Call Center that uses SAP Automation GUI (itole.ocx) to do screen scraping. The only serious problems we had was getting the ocx to execute "workflow" screens or popups. Our question at this point is why SAP is not supporting this tool anymore in future releases. The main advantage we see is not having to write BAPIs, RFCs, etc. You implied recently that an RFC could be called instead to execute the transaction directly instead of screen scraping. But we have one VB screen that launches maybe 12 SAP screens to collect customer information. Is it still tenable to mimic this approach with a "wrapper" rfc executing the 12 SAP transactions?

I cannot tell you why SAP is not supporting this tool anymore. You could still use the C-API for screen scraping, but that may not help either, because not all transactions support screen scraping. Using Batch Input via RFC also does not work for all screens, and also you have to provide all the data upfront and cannot react screen by screen, as you could with screen scraping. The basic message is: the future belongs to non-dynpro-based interfaces, even if that may be a lot of hard work...

This was last published in February 2002

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