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SCM defined

It seems that everyone has a different definition of SCM. What does SCM mean to you?
SCM - Supply Chain Management - here is how I look at SCM:
The overall supply chain is a network that includes the following entities:
(1)The flow of materials between tiered suppliers (eg. tier 3 to tier 1),
(2)Transformation of these materials into semi-finished or finished products,
(3)and the eventual distribution of these products further to the end consumer.
SCM is the management of these entities. From a technology level, it is the software and solutions that promote the efficient transformation of these products, the collaboration between the various entities, and their assistance in management of the relationship with the end consumer.

Here is a good article on SCM that you might want to review:

Within the SAP Solution suite... mySAP SCM is the overall umbrella which includes the following solutions:
SAP Advanced Planner & Optimization (APO)
SAP Inventory Collaboration Hub (ICH)
SAP Event Management (EM)

Hope this helps!
This was last published in October 2003

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