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SAPscript original language

Did you know that SAPscripts inherently use German? In this expert response, learn how to change the original language to English to execute successful English SAPscripts.

I wanted to make a "Z" SAPscript by copying the standard F140_ACC_STAT_01. Here is the circuitous route that finally worked. Can you please shed light on what happened?

  1. Create ZTEST in SE71 and just save a description.
  2. Do "copy from" type in F140_ACC_STAT_01 and enter-- program says not available in my client.
  3. Get to orignal SE71 screen-- choose "utilities--> copy from client"
  4. Copied F140_ACC_STAT_01 from 000 to 050 into form ZTEST
  5. Now get into ZTEST in change mode -- text elements can be changed no problem, but elements cannot be created? Why? Who knows.

So, here's what I did:

  1. Create ZTEST2 in SE71
  2. When in SE71, copy from and choose ZTEST

Now ZTEST2 works swell with the ability to create elements.

You have encountered one of the classic issues in copying SAP-provided SAPscript forms into the customer namespace. For some of these forms, the base language is German. An English language version also exists, but it takes a back seat to the German one. Thus, when you copy one of these forms and try to edit it in English, SAP sets restrictions on what you can do.

Here is how to get past this, assuming that you want to edit the form in English instead of German:

Before you go into change mode in step 5, change the form's language to 'DE' (German) on the initial SE71 screen. Then go into the form in change mode and click on 'Utilities-> Change original language'. Specify 'EN' as the new original language. Then exit the form and go back into it in English. You should be able to edit it freely now.

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