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SAP's on-line ROI calculator for small to mid-sized businesses

I have to make a presentation to a manufacturing company specifying: What benefit will SAP R/3 implementation bring...

in their balance sheet/bottom line?

Can you suggest some bullet points please with case history/links if any?

SAP's online calculator for small to mid-sized businesses (those with less than $500 million in revenue) performs an initial analysis of savings generated by improving business systems and processes. This tool incorporates detailed financial metrics to reveal benefits a company can reap by moving from disconnected systems to collaborative business.


Alinean developed the analysis based on several key financial metrics that best capture business performance: annual revenue; expected revenue growth; operating expenses; profit margin; and cost of capital. You can measure your company's current and improved effectiveness in enterprise resource planning, supply chain management, customer relationship management, supplier relationship management, and product life-cycle management. The calculator quantifies benefits that your company could achieve during the 12 months following the successful implementation of the SAP solution. If you have more detailed financial numbers, the tool can provide more extensive calculations.

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