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SAProuter error

I installed saprouter as per the note 41054. sapver 4.6c/w2k/sql2k. saprouter version is 34. The service gets created...

but refuses to start.the event log gives a message: "error 997: The sapprouttab file cannot be opened. no such file or directory." The file exists with all permissions. I logged in as domain administrator.

There must have been a problem with the installation of the service. As you know, the installation creates an entry in the registry. I suggest you remove the service and re-install it again. You can remove it using the resource kit tool "Install/Remove Service Wizard" (srvinstw.exe) or by wiping out the folder "saprouter" in the registry (launch regedt32.exe for this).

Here is the command to install SAProuter:

ntscmgr install saprouter -b usrsap sysexerunsaprouter -p
"service -r ?R usrsap sysexerunsaprouttab"

where is a valid SAP System Identifier.

Make sure that you have the saprouttab under the "run" directory as well.

The following is a sample file that uses SAPServ4 (IP = as the destination host:
# outgoing connections to OSS
P 200.10.*.* 3299
# incoming connections from SAP
P 3200
# Permits PCAnywhere port
P 5631

* Note: To change the path to the route permission table file enter this command:
saprouter ?r ?R newfile
where newfile is the file that contains the route permission table.

This was last published in July 2001

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