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SAPScript or Smart Forms?

I saw your answer to SAPScript Resource:

"However, SAPScript is no longer being developed, so you may find it more useful to learn Smart Forms, which came in in release 4.6C."

We are using 4.6C and we want to develop a layout of PO. What should we use? SAPScript or Smart Forms?

Now we have been using Smart Forms for a couple of months, I can say more about the strategy I'd suggest using. It turns out that, although SAP are no longer developing SAPScript, in 4.6C there are still many, many SAPScripts around, and only a handful of Smart Forms. We have taken the pragmatic approach of choosing the tool which will allow the most rapid development for our needs, while still meeting our users' requirements. So, if you're happy using SAPScript, go ahead. If you're modifying an existing SAPScript, don't convert it to Smart Forms, unless you really want to, or it gives you additional functionality. If you are developing from scratch, I'd recommend using Smart Forms.

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